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131 Professionals Selected as “National Leaders” – WWL: Korea 2023


In the 2023 edition of WWL: Korea, 131 attorneys, patent attorneys, and certified public accountants across 22 fields from Kim & Chang were selected as “National Leaders” in their respective fields. This year, our firm obtained the most listings out of all Korean law firms once again, demonstrating the expertise and extensive capabilities of our professionals.

The following is a complete list of our rankings this year:

  • Arbitration: Una Cho, Matthew J. Christensen, Byung-Woo Im, Sae Youn Kim, Chul-Won Lee, Hyungkeun Lee, Sue Hyun Lim, Joel E. Richardson, Byung-Chol (B.C.) Yoon

  • Banking: Sang Jin Ahn, Joon Young Kim, Chan Moon Park, Hi Sun Yoon

  • Business Crime Defence & Investigations: Dong Min Cha, Myungsuk Sean Choi, Hwa Soo Chung, Byung-Suk Lee, Scott Lee, Seung Ho Lee, Kyson Keebong Paek

  • Capital Markets: Bo Yong Ahn, Yong Ho Choi, Myoung Jae Chung, Young Man Huh, Chang Hyeon Ko, Seon-Jee Lee, Ie Hwan Yoo

  • Commercial Litigation: Jeong Ho Ahn, Chang Hoon Baek, Jin Yeong Chung, Sang Ho Han, Hyo Je Lee, Byung-Chol (B.C.) Yoon

  • Commercial Mediation: Matthew J. Christensen, Sae Youn Kim, Sue Hyun Lim, Joel E. Richardson

  • Competition: Jay Ahn, In Seon Choi, Kee Hong Chun, Brian Tae-Hyun Chung, Seung Hwan (Miles) Chung, Maria Hajiyerou, Jung Hyun Han, Jung Won Hyun, Kyung Taek Jung, Youngjin Jung, Gene-Oh (Gene) Kim, Kyoung Yeon (Kay) Kim, Tae Hyuk Ko, Hemi Lee, Kyung Yul Lee, Min-Ho Lee, Sang Hyuk Park, Sung Eyup Park, Luke Shin, Sung-Joo Yoon

  • Construction & Real Estate: Matthew J. Christensen, Byung-Woo Im, Daewoong Lee, Dong-Seok (Johan) Oh, Yon Kyun Oh

  • Corporate Tax: Sung Gweon Cho, Im Jung Choi, Byung-Moon Jung, Sang Woo Lee, Tae-Yeon Nam, Seung Jong Yang

  • Data: Dong Shik Choi, In Hwan Lee, Min Chul Park, Ari Yoon

  • Energy: Young Kyun Cho, Chang Sup Kwon, Daewoong Lee, Chang-Hee Shin  

  • Environment: Hyeong Jun Hwang, Yoon Jeong Lee

  • Franchise: Anthony (Haejin) Jeong, Hi Sun Yoon

  • Intellectual Property: Duck Soon Chang, Sang-Wook Han, Angela Kim, Won Kim, Ann Nam-Yeon Kwon, Jason J. Lee, Man Gi Paik, Chun Y. Yang, Jay (Young-June) Yang

  • Labour & Employment: Paul Cho, Hong Young Ha, Chun Wook Hyun, Matthew F. Jones, Wan Joo, Ki Young Kim, Weon Jung Kim, Do Hyung Lee, Heon-Yup Lee, Jung Taek Park, Deok Il Seo

  • M&A and Governance: Bo Yong Ahn, Myoung Jae Chung, Young Man Huh, Do Young Kim, Gene-Oh (Gene) Kim, Ji Pyoung Kim, Joon B. Kim, Yun Goo Kwon, Shin Kwon Lim, Jong Hyun Park

  • Private Funds: Young Man Huh, Yun Goo Kwon, Shin Kwon Lim

  • Product Liability Defence: Sang Ho Han, Jay J. Kim, Sung Jin Kim, Chul-Won Lee, Yoon Sang Lee, Brian C. Oh

  • Restructuring & Insolvency: Chang Hoon Baek, Jin Yeong Chung, Chiyong Rim

  • Trade & Customs: Youngjin Jung, Juhong Kim, Seong Joong Kim, Jin Hwan Lee

  • Transport – Aviation: Robert L. Gilbert

  • Transport – Shipping: Byung-Suk Chung, Chul-Won Lee, Jae Bok Lee

About WWL: Korea:  WWL: Korea is one of the National Guides published by WWL, an internationally recognized legal media group. WWL: Korea selects National Leaders in Korea based on independent research and surveys/interviews with employees and clients, and publishes the resulting analysis report.

WWL: Korea 2023