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Criminal Defense Litigation “The breadth and depth of Kim & Chang’s attorneys, advisers
and other professionals far surpass those of other law firms in Korea.”
– Chambers Asia-Pacific 2018


Kim & Chang’s Criminal Defense Litigation Practice has distinguished lawyers, notably former judges and prosecutors with extensive experience in the criminal justice system.  We offer our clients dedicated defense, counselling and tailored advice in tackling complex and diverse issues in criminal litigation.  

We take pride in having the largest and most experienced group of criminal defense specialists in Korea, including foreign legal consultants with international criminal law expertise and numerous experts with backgrounds in the police department, the Fair Trade Commission, the Financial Supervisory Service, the National Tax Service, and other relevant authorities.  We draw upon our vast legal talent and resources including digital forensic analysis to provide our clients with rigorous and cost-effective defense.

Customized Criminal Defense Specialist Teams from the Largest and Most Experienced Criminal Defense Group in Korea

Our Practice has former judges who presided over numerous criminal trials including a diverse range of white collar crime cases.  Based on the needs and particularities of each case, we pull together the best team of specialists to ensure a positive outcome.  Our attorneys, who have extensive experience in the criminal justice system, provide our clients with comprehensive and systematic defense with the support of various professionals including CPAs, certified tax accountants, certified customs brokers, patent attorneys and certified labor consultants, all of whom are carefully recruited upon consideration of their expertise in finance, securities, insurance, tax, customs duties, foreign exchange, fair trade, intellectual property, environment, and labor.  

Unrivaled Expertise and Specialization for Handling Complex and Diverse Legal Risk

Legal risks arising from corporate criminal cases have become more diverse and specialized.  Even as companies strive to meet societal demands for improved transparency and compliance, they face mounting risks of accusations of noncompliance (e.g. violations of criminal law and administrative orders), financial irregularities (e.g. breach of trust, embezzlement, fraudulent accounting, and tax evasion), environmental wrongdoing, unfair labor practices (e.g. violations of the Industrial Safety and Health Act), negligent manufacturing, etc.

We have successfully represented many clients in all phases of white collar criminal cases involving securities and finance, fair trade law, tax, customs duties, foreign exchange, intellectual properties, construction and real properties, labor, medical and pharmaceutical, environmental, insurance, money laundering and foreign exchange transaction, bribery, and illegal political contributions.

Experts for the Defense in International Criminal Cases

Due to corporate activities that reach around the globe, there have been an increasing number of domestic criminal cases that involve antitrust and anti-bribery laws of other jurisdictions including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  Our professionals have the requisite experience and know-how to handle such large-scale matters that arise in Korea but have implications on related proceedings in other jurisdictions as well, including the United States.  In particular, our foreign legal consultants who have extensive experience in international jurisdictions will provide expert advice in handling international corporate criminal cases, which often require focused efforts in both corporate reworking and trial proceedings. 


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