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Technology, Media & Telecommunications Litigation “The team´s ´expert knowledge, proactive and strategic advice and dedication´ [has been highlighted] as its particular strengths.”
– Chambers Asia Pacific 2018


Kim & Chang’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications Litigation Practice has developed expertise in a broad range of broadcasting, telecommunication, and media cases.  We resolve conflicts by keeping ahead not only with the constantly changing regulatory environment of the broadcasting, telecommunication, and media industries, but also with the changing positions of the courts and prosecutors.

Our Practice has attained unrivaled recognition in civil, criminal, and administrative lawsuits as counsel for major broadcasting, telecommunication, and media corporations.  We have earned high praise as the leading firm in Korea, resolving complicated conflicts between private enterprises and supervisory offices.  Additionally, our efficient utilization of human capital, promptness in settling issues, and practice of proposing effective solutions that take into consideration the relevant regulatory authorities, courts, and prosecutors ensure that our clients receive comprehensive and customized services in a timely manner.

Key Servicesshow

Civil Litigation

Based on our extensive knowledge and experience in telecommunications, media and technology, our Practice has resolved a variety of private disputes among stakeholders.  Together with experts in various fields, we have efficiently resolved complex private disputes that have arisen in the telecommunication, media and technology sectors: including typical contractual disputes or lawsuits for damages that may arise from contractual relations among companies or relations between companies and purchasers/service users; disputes from various regulations in the specific fields of telecommunication, media and technology; and litigations on intellectual property rights such as copyright and patent.

Criminal Litigation

When our clients become involved in criminal cases, we put our best efforts to provide rapid and intensive responses to resolve the case as soon as possible to prevent the case from expanding further.  Based on our extensive understanding of the telecommunication, media and technology industries as well as relevant regulations, we seek the most efficient resolution by providing courts and prosecutors with clear explanations on relevant laws and our clients’ positions.


Administrative Litigation

Several regulations are applied strictly to the telecommunication, media and technology sectors, and such regulations continuously change with developments in the industry.  Based on our unrivaled understanding of the latest regulations in telecommunication, media and technology, we have represented our clients in administrative litigations against regulatory authorities to protect our clients’ interests and prevent unreasonable infringement.

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IT (Information Technology)

Based on our understanding of the various laws and regulations regarding telecommunications, radio waves, electronic equipment, etc., our Practice advises major international and domestic IT companies that manufacture hardware and software on a variety of disputes, cooperating with many professionals in various fields, such as e-commerce, fair trade, import and export permissions, and intellectual property.


Broadcasting and Media

Our Practice advises a wide range of international and domestic media companies, including terrestrial TV broadcasters, cable TV broadcasters, program providers, and other paid TV broadcasters, on various lawsuits and disputes.



Based on our experience and accumulated knowledge in regulatory clearances, content regulation, privacy regulation and e-commerce, etc., our Practice has represented major international and domestic telecommunications companies, including cable/wireless service providers, internet service providers, and e-commerce businesses.


Our Practice has obtained favorable outcomes in litigations involving major broadcasting, telecommunication, and media industry disputes, including the following representative cases. 
  • Represented a telecommunication service provider in administrative cases arising from its unfair practices.
  • Represented a home shopping service provider in administrative cases arising from its unfair practices.
  • Represented a telecommunication service provider in criminal cases arising from its violation of the act on improvement of distribution structure of smart devices.
  • Represented a telecommunication service provider, seeking nullification of surcharge levied by the Korea Fair Trade Commission. 
  • Represented a telecommunication service provider in disputes concerning internet connection fees.
  • Represented a large-scale telecommunication service provider, challenging the decision by the Korea Communications Commission that prohibited resale of PCS.
  • Represented cable TV service providers in connection with the launch of IPTV services.
  • Represented a Korean game company over disputes concerning a publishing contract.
  • Represented a telecommunication service provider against allegations of unfair trade acts and claims for damage compensation.
  • Represented online retailers over disputes concerning domain name, advertising service, etc.
  • Advised on disputes concerning apportionment of facility support among a telecommunication, a service provider, and facility management organizations.
  • Represented an online game company in a criminal trial contesting enforcement of abstract and speculative regulations.
  • Represented an online retailer over disputes concerning defamatory content.
  • Represented a telecommunication service provider in administrative proceedings related to payment of subsidies.


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