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Insurance Litigation “Noteworthy for handling administrative lawsuits and disputes over policy interpretation.”
– Chambers Asia-Pacific 2019


Kim & Chang provides professional, comprehensive, and client-tailored legal services with the collaboration of highly experienced former judges, lawyers specializing in insurance, and CPAs well-versed in insurance accounting and insurance tax.  In addition, we also assign insurance industry experts to work on various lawsuits involving an insurance company’s liability and to resolve disputes regarding insurance premiums, insurance recruitment, and the mis-selling of insurance.

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Claims for Insurance Premium and Reimbursement

Kim & Chang’s Litigation Practice conducts litigation seeking payment of insurance premiums in accordance with insurance contracts and confirmations of insurance (non)coverage. 

Mis-Selling of Insurance

Our Practice litigates various disputes involving the mis-selling of insurance, including disputes on product explanations.

Claims for Damages Compensation

Our Practice litigates various damages compensation matters arising from an insurance company’s performance of insurance-related affairs, such as liability for life planner’s insurance solicitations.


Actions Involving Insurance Solicitors such as Actions for Allowance Refunds

Our Practice pursues diverse actions concerning insurance solicitors, such as lawsuits seeking refunds of insurance solicitors’ allowance, lawsuits seeking payment of guarantee insurance premium in connection with this allowance, lawsuits regarding insurance solicitor’s appointments and discharge, lawsuits regarding the issue of whether insurance solicitors may be deemed as employees of insurers, and transfer and solicitation.

Actions Involving Insurance Company’s Violation of Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act

Our Practice performs administrative lawsuit filing appeals against decisions of the Fair Trade Commission (“FTC”) concerning violation of the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act (“MRFTA”).  These include cartels among insurance companies and compensation for damages stemming from these violations.

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