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Family, Trusts & Estates Litigation “Teamed with a ´high level of expertise´ and the capacity to provide ´quick and clear judgements´.”
– Chambers Asia-Pacific 2018


Like other civil disputes, in many trusts and estates-related disputes, client confidentiality is of paramount importance.  That is because such disputes often involve other critical issues such as criminal, tax, injunctive relief, divestitures, and mergers.  Furthermore, in many cases, laws other than Korean laws may need to be reviewed, depending on the nationality or residence of the parties.

Kim & Chang’s Family, Trusts & Estates Litigation Practice has the experience and know-how to manage and resolve such complex issues involved in trusts and estates matters, providing comprehensive and professional one-stop legal services to its clients.  For example, during early stages of disputes where the parties may engage in settlement negotiations, we provide strategic advice to and represent our clients.  Furthermore, we advise our clients on related criminal, tax, corporate divestiture or merger-related issues arising from division of assets, inheritance, etc.  Needless to say, in such cases, confidentiality of information is very important when resolving trusts and estates-related disputes in favor of our clients.

In Korea, there is unfortunately a scarcity of lawyers who have the requisite expertise and experience to handle many complex issues that arise from trusts and estates-related disputes.  But we are able to deliver effective advice and optimal outcomes for our clients because, among other reasons, we assemble a customized team of experts for each client’s unique needs.  We, therefore, effectively and successfully represent each client in all disputes related to family, trusts and estates, tax, corporate law, criminal law, and international litigation.

Key Servicesshow

Representation of Domestic and International Family Law Cases 

Kim & Chang’s Family, Trusts & Estates Litigation Practice provides advice and representation in various domestic and international family law cases as well as corporate divestiture, merger, and managerial control disputes arising from division of assets.  

Representation of Trust and Estate Law Cases

Our practice provides legal representation in various cases that involve trust and estates law, as well as advisory services, consultation, and negotiations with respect to company succession, division of assets, and wills.  In particular, we provide advice on ways to prevent inheritance-related disputes among heirs.

Representation of Relevant Criminal and Injunctive Relief Cases

Our practice provides legal representation and advisory services in cases involving criminal issues and injunctive relief cases stemming from disputes related to family law, trusts and estates, etc.

Advice for Tax Cases

Our practice provides legal representation and advisory services in cases involving family law as well as tax issues arising from trusts and estates cases.


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