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Key Plans for Labor Inspection for 2024 (Part 1)


On February 5, 2024, the Ministry of Employment and Labor (the “MOEL”) released its labor inspection plans for 2024 as follows:


Enhancing Judicial Process

The MOEL will apply the principle of immediate judicial action or an administrative fine without a corrective order being imposed against a company for intentional and/or repeated violations of relevant laws and infringement on employees’ health and civil rights.

In addition, if the aggregated amount of overdue (unpaid) wages for the employees is KRW 1 billion or more, or the number of impacted employees is 50 or more, a special labor inspection will be conducted.


Conducting Ad Hoc Labor Inspections Focused on “Four Major Illegal Practices”

The MOEL announced that it would focus on eradicating “four major illegal practices,” namely, (i) delayed payment of wages, (ii) discrimination, including maternity leave protection, (iii) long working hours, and (v) unfair labor practices.

In addition, the MOEL announced that, in deciding on ad hoc inspections this year, it will monitor IT and platform companies, large hospitals, etc., where a large number of young workers are employed as well as companies where compliance with labor and employment laws is likely to be perceived as falling short of the MOEL’s expectations. The Seoul Regional Labor Office will also conduct ad hoc inspections of sports clubs, while the Jungbu Regional Labor Office will undertake the same for subcontractors in the gaming industry.


Introducing Follow-up Inspections and Ad Hoc Labor Inspections Based on Anonymous Reports

The three types of labor inspections are regular, ad hoc and special inspections, but the MOEL has established a “follow-up inspection” as a new type of labor inspection. The purpose of this follow-up inspection is to strengthen the management of companies that repeatedly violate the laws even after receiving a labor inspection and/or a corrective order.

Moreover, the MOEL will conduct ad hoc inspections based on anonymous reports from current employees of a company starting this year.

Details of its labor inspection plans are expected to be released by the MOEL soon.


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