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Joint Webinar with HKA and ICAK on “Succeeding in a Construction Dispute”


On December 7, 2021, Kim & Chang, HKA and the International Contractors Association of Korea (“ICAK”) co-hosted a webinar titled, “Succeeding in a construction dispute – the “must have” legal and technical building blocks.”
At this webinar, Matthew Christensen, Dami Park and Jaeha Kwon from Kim & Chang’s International Project, Plant & Shipbuilding Team participated as speakers along with Dr. Kourosh Kayvani and An Ho Koh of HKA, and Benjamin Highfield of HKA served as the chair and moderator.  Following an opening presentation by Dr. Kayvani on the value of obtaining early technical or engineering input as a precursor to success, Mr. Christensen discussed the issues and challenges related to the use of technical expert evidence in construction disputes from a legal perspective and shared strategies for protecting expert communications from leakage and maximizing the benefit of expert evidence through the effective formulation of instructions.  During the ensuing panel discussion, Ms. Park shared practical guidance for the safe and effective utilization of expert evidence in actual or potential disputes, while Ms. Kwon discussed the effective use of technical and engineering experts in construction disputes, including in relation to site visits and joint testing.
Kim & Chang’s International Project, Plant & Shipbuilding Team plans to continue inviting construction specialist attorneys and experts and hosting lectures that provide practical information and guidance to Korean companies engaged in overseas projects.