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Privacy & Data Security

“The teams at Kim & Chang are known to high profile experts with years of experience for the industry.”
– Asialaw Profiles 2018


Privacy & Data Security Practice consists of approximately 60 professionals, including Korean and foreign-licensed attorneys, senior advisors specializing in data privacy law and IT, patent attorneys and researchers.  

We have been instrumental in assisting our clients to better understand the extensive privacy law requirements and provide company-wide compliance audits and risk assessments of their current personal information processing practices.  Members of the Practice have expertise in sectors and areas where data privacy is of particular importance, including e-commerce, insurance, banking, pharmaceuticals, TMT, HR, compliance, criminal defense and litigation.  Together, we provide a holistic service that is suited to the client’s needs.

The Privacy & Data Security Practice has expertise in data privacy statutes such as the Personal Information Protection Act and other laws that have a bearing on information security and protection.  We provide comprehensive advice that allows clients to effectively mitigate and manage the risk of civil, criminal and administrative liability.  Based on our in-depth knowledge, we are able to advise on not only legal but technical compliance, and are recognized as the leaders in this field.

Key Servicesshow

Legal Advice on Privacy-related Laws and Support During On-Site Audits

Our ability to draw from our long experience and our robust team of professionals with legal and various non-legal backgrounds makes us the premier Privacy & Data Security Practice in Korea capable of providing not only advices on legal issues but also practical supports during on-site audits by the regulatory authorities.


Risk Assessment on Security Systems and Data Processing Practices

We have developed a unique risk assessment program comprised of a customized checklist and analytics to accurately capture the snapshot of company’s personal information processes.  Based on such assessment, we can evaluate the company's current IT security measures and assess for legal and technological weaknesses.  


Countermeasures against Personal Information Leakage and/or Hacking

Based on our strong team and unique insight, we have successfully represented companies in all of the recent “top five” hacking incidents, and continue to handle many of the major administrative, civil, and criminal litigations relating to privacy violations or hacking incidents. 

Key Experiencesshow

Data privacy is an issue for virtually any company, as all organizations engage in some form and degree of processing of personal information.  We have represented and advised most of the major local and global businesses operating in Korea, including companies and institutions that process personal information on a large scale such as those in the telecommunications, luxury, distribution, pharmaceutical, automobile manufacturing, web service and finance (insurance, banking, etc.) sectors.  Wealth of experience we have drawn from such representations has helped establish us as a market leader.


Advising on Data Privacy Law and Support During On-Site Investigations
  • Advised more than 500 domestic and multinational companies on data privacy issues.

  • Conducted a review of personal information processing by a major Korean automobile company. 

  • Conducted a compliance review of personal information processing by a foreign automobile manufacturer. 

  • Conducted a review of personal information processing by a major Korean entertainment company.

  • Conducted a comprehensive compliance review on information protection in an insurance company.

  • Conducted review of a global cosmetics import company in preparations for regulatory investigations.

  • Advised major Korean telecommunication service providers on business model relating to personal information protection. 


Advising regarding Personal Information Leakage and Dispute Resolution
  • Assisted and represented a major distribution company in investigations and criminal action with respect to company’s provision of personal information.

  • Assisted three card companies in investigations, and regulatory, civil, and criminal actions on personal information leakage.

  • Assisted and represented a foreign medical information company in investigations and criminal and civil action with respect to the company’s leak of personal information.

  • Assisted large telecommunications and on-line gaming companies in addressing legal requirements triggered by a hacking incident and represented the company in the subsequent criminal and administrative cases.


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