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Financing "Market-leading team covering all aspects of banking and
finance transactions on behalf of a high-end national and international clientele."
– Chambers Asia Pacific 2019


Creative solutions are necessary to provide the level of service a client expects from a top law firm, especially in an industry that is as complex and heavily regulated as finance.

Kim & Chang’s Financing Practice is Korea’s leader in developing innovative methods to meet the needs of clients in the financial services sector, ranging from corporate entities, banks, asset managers, financial investors and insurance companies, both domestically and internationally.  Inventing advanced financial techniques and new funding methods and localizing legal services that occur in international financing transactions, our law firm has produced multiple “first-of-its-kind” achievements.

Ability to provide optimal solutions through industry-leading expertise

Our financing practice is the largest and most active team of banking and finance lawyers in Korea with in-depth industry experience and knowledge.  Based on the wealth of our experience, our banking and finance lawyers are able to find innovative solutions for our clients with optimal results, even if the financing transaction features complex structures or novel issues.  That is why our financing practice continues to lead the industry and is optimally positioned to help leading financial institutions, corporate entities and public sector clients achieve their objectives in leveraged finance transactions, syndicated capital market transactions, structured finance transactions, infrastructure projects and complex financings related to projects, shipping and aircraft.

Optimal staffing considering the nature and complexity of the financing transactions

Our financing practice arranges on a case by case basis a team of experts who are best suited to handle the financing transaction at hand and serve the client’s needs.  We have a dedicated team of lawyers, accountants, and industry experts, and are able to draw upon a system which enables each team to work in tandem with other experts and practices whenever necessary.


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