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Proposed Partial Amendment to the PIPA


On January 6, 2021, the Personal Information Protection Commission (the "PIPC") announced a draft bill to partially amend the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) (the "Proposed Amendment").  

The Proposed Amendment, among others: 

  • unifies the regulations that apply to online and offline businesses (the level of regulation on offline businesses is expected to be strengthened to the level similar to the current regulation on online service providers); 

  • strengthens the rights of data subjects, including the introduction of the right to request transmission of personal information; 

  • promotes economic rather than criminal penalties by limiting the scope of criminal sanctions and expanding the scope and calculation standards of administrative fines; 

  • establishes operational regulations for mobile visual data processing devices, such as drones and autonomous vehicles; and 

  • introduces a basis for transferring personal information abroad other than a data subject's consent, as well as the PIPC's right to suspend overseas transfer. 

Please refer to the attachment for the main details of the Proposed Amendment.  The PIPC will collect opinions on the Proposed Amendment until February 16, 2021. 


[Attachment] Key Details of Proposed Partial Amendment to the PIPA

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