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Kim & Chang Legal Newsletter (2020 Issue 3)


This issue includes:

  • Proposed FTL Amendment Bill
  • Latest Legislative Trends Towards the Improvement of Corporate Governance
  • New Amendment to Patent Act Will Increase Damages That Can Be Awarded for Infringement
  • Amendment to the Guidelines on Influencer Marketing
  • Implementation of Packaging Recyclability Grade and Labelling System
  • Strengthened Regulation of the Use of Hazardous Substances in Electronic & Electrical Products
  • Commencement of Virtual Hearings Under the COVID-19 Situation According to the Updated 2020 LCIA Arbitration Rules and the Newly Issued ICC Guidance Note
  • US Department of Commerce’s Regulations on Adverse Facts Available and Recent Cases
  • Main Amendments to the Customs Act Included in the 2020 Proposed Tax Law Amendments
  • Amended FSCMA Relaxes the Regulations on Information Barriers, Outsourcing of Business Functions, and Engagement of Concurrent or Ancillary Businesses by Financial Investment Service Providers
  • Proposed Legislation for the Act on Supervision of Financial Groups Submitted to the National Assembly’s Plenary Session
  • New Regulations Modify Low-Surrender-Value Insurance Products, Strengthen Competitiveness of Insurance Business and Reinforce Consumer Protection
  • Property Tax and Aggregate Real Estate Tax on Land of Private REF/REIT Affected by Amendments to the Enforcement Decree of the Local Tax Act
  • MOLIT Proposes Changes to the Enforcement Decree and Enforcement Rules of the Act on Report on Real Estate Transactions Concerning Corporations’ Housing Transactions
  • Notable Proposed Tax Law Amendments of 2020
  • Stricter Liability on Online Service Providers to Prevent Distribution of Illegal Sex Images and Videos
  • New Requirement and Enhanced Obligations for Value-Added Telecommunications Service Providers to Secure Means for Stability of Service

Kim & Chang Legal Newsletter (2020 Issue 3)

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