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Seminar on ‘Me-too’ Product Prevention and Brand Protection Strategy


Mr. Young June Yang, Mr. Kyeong Tae Kang, Mr. Chang Su Park, Mr. Alex Hyon Cho, Mr. Jong Kyun Woo, Mr. Peter Won-Kil Yoon and Mr. Jung Hwa Yoon of Kim & Chang participated in a seminar on the topic of ‘Me-too’ Product Prevention and Brand Protection Strategy that companies must be aware of. 

Mr. Young June Yang gave a presentation on the ‘current status of Corporate brand and trademark protection and management,’ while Mr. Kyeong Tae Kang presented on the ‘choice of System for protection of shape of goods.’ and Mr. Chang Su Park gave a speech on the ‘system for protection system of the shape of goods that companies must be aware of.’

Mr. Jong Kyun Woo and Mr. Peter Won-Kil Yoon gave their presentation on ‘overseas brand protection strategy,’ and ‘brand protection strategy in Europe,’ respectively Mr. Jung Hwa Yoon introduced ‘brand protection strategy in China,’ while Mr. Alex Hyon Cho presented on the ‘brand protection strategy in U.S.’

The seminar, jointly organized by Kim & Chang and Thomson Reuters, and arranged by LAWnB, was held in Seoul International Dispute Resolution Center on April 24. 

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