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Krafton’s IPO and Listing on the Korea Exchange’s KOSPI Market


Kim & Chang represented Krafton Inc., which engages in the business of producing and distributing online games including the renowned global game “Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG),” in respect of its public offering and listing of shares on the Korea Exchange (the “IPO”).

As a result of the IPO, Krafton’s market capitalization, which amounted to more than KRW 20 trillion, was recorded as the largest among that of game companies listed on the domestic stock market.  The IPO consisted of a domestic sales tranche for domestic retail and institutional investors and an overseas sales tranche for certain institutional investors in and outside the US.  As Krafton’s intangible assets such as intellectual properties relating to their game products and key human resources formed a critical part of the company’s corporate value, it was critical for Krafton to clearly and sufficiently disclose its business contents and associated investment risks in its disclosure documents for the IPO.

As a legal advisor to Krafton as to Korean laws, Kim & Chang reviewed and negotiated various transaction documents for the IPO and advised and assisted Krafton in complying with listing and public offering requirements, communicating with its shareholders and implementing corporate governance policies and systems for the IPO.

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