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Spin-Off Acquisition of NK Co.’s High-Pressure Vessel Business


Korean private equity firm ACPC PE launched a private equity fund to acquire NK Aether, the biggest Korean manufacturer of extra-large high-pressure vessels.  Spun off from NK Co., a shipbuilding materials and equipment manufacturer, to undertake its extra-large high-pressure vessel business, NK Aether has supplied major materials companies, such as SK Materials, Wonik Materials and Hyosung Chemical, with Y-Ton cylinders and tube trailers used to deliver special gases and hydrogen.  NK Aether is also increasing its market share in China through Chinese subsidiary NK Pressure Cylinder Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  Furthermore, NK Aether completed the domestic development of high-pressure hydrogen storage for hydrogen stations and is expanding its special high-pressure aerospace vessel business as well.

Kim & Chang assisted ACPC PE in this deal by conducting IP-focused technology due diligence.  We reviewed NK Co.’s competitiveness for extra-large high-pressure vessel manufacturing technology by using tech intelligence analysis methodologies including IP data analysis.  We also reviewed the scope of the patents to be acquired and the IP risks in the Korean and Chinese markets, and analyzed patent portfolios and trends in relevant markets.

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