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Product Liability & Consumer Claims

“Provides concise and professional advice based on a deep understanding of the industry as well as the client’s company.”
– Asialaw Profiles 2019


Kim & Chang’s Product Liability & Consumer Claims Practice is distinguished by its market-leading experience in defending multinational companies in litigation, investigation, and regulatory compliance matters and in-house technical specialists.  Our Practice is widely recognized as the preeminent practice in Korea.

Unparalleled Expertise in Korean Product Liability Law 

Our expertise in the Korean product liability legal regime, advocacy skills and market knowledge have allowed us to successfully defend many of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Comprehensive Legal Services for All Manufacturing and Distribution Activities

We advise on all facets of manufacturing and distribution activities, including risk management, regulatory compliance (certification, testing and labeling), defense and resolution of consumer claims, and recalls.

International Capabilities

We provide practical counsel for product-related issues of global dimensions, with practitioners licensed in multiple jurisdictions and a well-established international network.

Key Servicesshow

Product Liability Disputes

Our Product Liability & Consumer Claims Practice has been at the forefront in advising the world’s leading companies on product liability litigations and investigations, achieving an outstanding success rate in both domestic and international disputes.  Further, we provide practical advice to explore all possible resolutions in a wide range of cases and comprehensive strategies that also cover government and media relations.

Consumer Claims

Our Practice advises clients to help them effectively address consumer claims under the Product Liability Act, Consumer Basic Act, and Framework Act on Product Safety; and to minimize any impact the claims may have on manufacturers’ business operations and reputation.

Product Risk Assessment and Recalls

Under Korean law, a product defect can expose not only the manufacturer but also importers and distributors to reporting and recall obligations.  Our Practice has a wealth of experience in helping clients assess and mitigate risks and comply with statutory obligations in all industry sectors (each having its own regulatory requirements), including automobiles, foods, pharmaceuticals and consumer electronics.  We have also provided effective legal services in connection with domestic recalls carried out as part of global recall campaigns.

Key Experienceshow

  • Regularly provided litigation defense and advisory services on Korean legal and regulatory issues to some of the largest multinational automotive manufacturers and suppliers.  Over the years, we have successfully defended manufacturers against claims of unintended acceleration, airbag malfunction, unmitigated emissions and other alleged systems/components defects.

  • Defended a multinational manufacturer of household, health and personal care products in civil actions and regulatory proceedings related to product defect claims, working closely with local and foreign experts on issues ranging from epidemiology and toxicology to individual medical record reviews.

  • Defended a multinational consumer electronics manufacturer against collective civil actions and government investigations alleging claims of “planned obsolescence.”

  • Successfully defended a suit against a baby powder manufacturer for damages caused by the presence of asbestos in its product, arguing that there was insufficient evidence as to the duration of the exposure, scientific proof of the product’s harmful effects, and objective medical evidence regarding the plaintiffs’ mental pain and suffering.

  • Successfully defended an IT industry client against damages claims alleging software defects causing internet service interruptions.

  • Successfully defended a major pharmaceutical company against a cough medicine-related product defect claim.

  • Successfully defended a major agrochemical company against seed-related product defect claims.

  • Represented numerous clients to successfully complete or resolve recall-related requirements, including those in the automotive, electrical, toy and infant care industries.

  • Representing a tobacco manufacturer in a long-standing action brought by the Korean government to recoup insurance benefits paid to cover health problems allegedly caused by smoking. 

  • Representing a multinational auto manufacturer against mass tort claims alleging that a defect in the vehicles’ exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) modules caused vehicle fires.

  • Defending a multinational restaurant chain against claims of ingredient contamination.

  • Representing a multinational conglomerate corporation operating in the industrial, health care and consumer goods fields in a lawsuit brought by a home appliance OEM alleging design defect in a filter product supplied by the corporation.


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