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“We will walk with our partners by sharing knowledge and heart”

In May 2013, our firm officially launched ‘Kim & Chang Committee for Social Contribution’ after expanding and renewing the firm’s existing Public Service Research Center. The center was established to provide specialized services for public interest litigation for social minorities and increase voluntary participation and communication among its employees about pro bono & community service activities.

Under the slogan “sharing and companionship” the committee will engage in systematic pro bono activities i) by setting up a social volunteer center that is aimed at increasing donation and volunteer activities for social minorities ii) setting up a non-profit legal counseling center that provides legal support and education for developing countries and revising/ supporting public interest law and litigation.

Pro bono services including project assistance aimed at developing legal culture.
Sponsorship and assistance of non-profit organizations.
Sponsorship and volunteer activities of shelters and facilities for the underprivileged.
Assistance for various community organizations.
Contributions and volunteer activities by individual attorneys, other professionals, and staff members.

Kim & Chang has been involved in following community services (in order of sequence):

  • Support for international exchange programs to promote Korea's legal culture
  • Sponsored conferences hosted by Inter-Pacific Bar Association ("IPBA") and Korea-Japan Bar Association
  • Provided administrative support for various international law-related events such as financial assistance and translation and interpretation services
  • Supported research activities of North Korean law and funded expenses to invite foreign professors to promote Korean legal culture
  • Funded Korean students studying in overseas law schools
  • Supported publication of 'The Asian Business Lawyer' released globally to help develop local legal culture
  • Sponsored 'Korea National Moot Court Championships' and sponsored its profits to International Vaccine Institute (IVI)
  • Sponsored WTO/FTA Mock Trial Competition for Seoul National University's law school
  • Hosted nationwide International Arbitration Mock Trial Competition for students of law school and Judicial Research and Training Institute
  • Volunteer activities and sponsorship of facilities for the underprivileged
  • Donated goods and volunteered for social facilities ranging from welfare facilities for the severely disabled to care homes for children of broken families to free meal service centers for the homeless and elderly
  • Continuously supported youths who head their households
  • Held "Mini Concert for the Less Fortunate Neighbors" and fundraising activities
  • Annually held "Kim & Chang Day" at the Beautiful Store, an affiliated organization of the Beautiful Foundation known for its campaign of sharing. The firm's professionals and staff members donate goods and volunteer at the store for one day to sell the goods and provide free legal advice. All proceeds are donated to the Beautiful Foundation to help the less fortunate in the community
  • In late 2007, 110 professionals and employees of Kim & Chang participated in the volunteer clean-up of Korea's worst oil spill in Taean
  • Participated in PC-sharing campaign along with Seoul Bar Association, National IT Industry Promotion Agency and Jongno-gu Office
  • Legal assistance to NGOs
  • Contributions to non-profit organizations which provide free representation for social minorities such as migrant workers, homeless and international refugees
  • Fund-raising for Legal Aid Project operated by the Legal Aid Foundation of the Korean Bar Association
  • Sponsorship to Korea Bar Association's Korea Human Rights Foundation
  • Support of research activities to Seoul National University's Center for Public Interest and Human Rights
  • Support for public interest law firms