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What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format designed for sharing news, headlines and other content from the Web. An RSS feed enables you to access new content of interest to you as soon as it becomes available. When you subscribe to a Kim & Chang RSS feed, and we publish a new item on that topic, the full item a summary of the item will automatically appear in your RSS feed reader. You can then view or listen to it at your convenience.

How do I read RSS feeds?

You can read feeds via:
  • A standalone feed reader on your computer
  • A Web-based dashboard, such as MyYahoo!, personalized Google homepage, MyMSN, etc.
  • Web browsers
Once you have a feed reader, you can subscribe to a RSS feed by:
  • Clicking on the orange RSS icon for the feed that interests you and following the instructions from your feed reader to add this feed to your list.
  • Cutting and pasting the supplied URL for the feed into your feed reader.
Your feed reader will automatically retrieve and display the latest information from the feed.