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KIM & CHANG Legal Newsletter (April 2018, Issue 1)

11 Apr 2018

This issue includes:

  • Supreme Court Recognizes Beneficial Shareholders’ Right to Claim for the Access to the Register of Beneficial Shareholders 
  • National Assembly Passes Amendments to Three Key Fair Trade Statutes 
  • Key Amendments to 2018 Labor Laws 
  • Recent Developments – Economic Sanctions Against Iran and What This Means  
  • Amendment to the Enforcement Decree of the Fair Trade Law Increases Thresholds for Triggering Merger Filing Requirement  
  • FSC Announces Financial Reform Initiative on Restoring Trust and “Human-Centered Sustainable Economic Growth”  
  • FSC Strengthens Anti-Money Laundering Regulations  
  • FSS to Strengthen Regulation of Telemarketing Channel  
  • National Assembly Enacts Final Tax Law Changes for 2018  
  • Draft Bill to Capital Gains Tax Exemption Under Korean Domestic Law (“25% Rule”) Updated  
  • Korean Government Attempts to Make Private Rented Sector More Stable  
  • National Assembly Passes Amendment to Reduce Working Hours  
  • Korean Courts to Establish New "International Chambers" Where IP Cases Can Be Heard in Foreign Languages  
  • MOE Launches Leniency Program for Violation of Chemical Regulations and Assumes New Role in Managing the Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading System  
  • KFTC Announces Standard Terms and Conditions for Mobile Games  
  • KFTC Uses the Temporary Suspension Order System for the First Time to Stop All Online Transactions of an E-commerce Company  

KIM & CHANG Legal Newsletter (April 2018, Issue 1)

File KIM & CHANG Legal Newsletter (April 2018, Issue 1)