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KIM & CHANG Legal Newsletter (July 2017, Issue 2)

20 Jul 2017

This issue includes:

  • KFTC Announces Standard Distribution Agreement for F&B Businesses 
  • Supreme Court Rules that Distributor's Sales Agents Are Distributor's Employees, Entitling Them to Severance Payment from the Distributor 
  • MOE Moves to Further Stringently Regulate Hazardous Chemical Substances 
  • The Supreme Court Overturns Precedents and Sets New Guidelines Affecting Shareholders' Registry 
  • FSC Proposes Amendment to the Enforcement Decree to the Act on Corporate Governance of Financial Companies to Allow “Dual Hatting” and Clarifies Rate of Deferred Payment for Performance-Based Compensation 
  • FSS Announces Its 2017 Business Plan 
  • Korean Lawmakers Pass 11 Major Banking & Finance Law Amendments to Reform Financial Industry Sanction System 
  • Enforcement Decree of Foreign Exchange Transactions Act Amended, Seeking Registration and Minimum Capital Requirements 
  • Korean Lawmakers Pass Amendments to the Insurance Business Act, Increasing Sanctions on Insurance Companies 
  • FSS Holds Its Annual Financial Supervision Briefing, Seeking to Share Industry Opinion on Its Transition to the IFRS 17 
  • Notice on Introduction of Country-by-Country Reporting Requirements and Scope of Reports 
  • REIT Act Amended, Relaxing Certain Restrictions While Increasing Max Shareholding Cap Per Shareholder 
  • The New Administration’s Labor Policies 
  • New Patent Cancellation System Enacted for Patents Registered on or After March 1 
  • Korean Government Adds Stronger Regulatory Measures for Potentially Risky Products and Reporting of Occupational Accidents 
  • KFTC Prepares Standard Agreements for the Online Shopping Industry 
  • Amended Enforcement Decree of the Telecommunications Business Act Now Effective, Specifically Classifying and Regulating Certain Prohibited Acts of Telecom Service Providers 
  • Amendments to the Enforcement Decree of the Network Act Provide Rules on Mobile Apps’ Access to User Information 
  • The ICC Amends Arbitration Rules to Adopt Expedited Procedures 

File Kim & Chang Legal Newsletter (July 2017, Issue 2)